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Exploring northern Ghana – Part 2: Mole National Park

I visited Mole National Park with the International Service volunteers at TradeAID, and their counterparts based in Sandema and Tamale. To break up the journey we spent a night in Tamale with the group there. Tamale is the capital of the Northern region, a three hour drive from Bolga and on the way to Mole. […]

Exploring northern Ghana – Part 1: Tongo

Tongo is a small town 10km south-east of Bolgatanga. My friend Sylvester who works there took me for a visit. Tongo is a point of interest in Upper East region for the huge rocks scattered around, the hills in an otherwise flat area and the Tengzug Shrine located at a village just outside the town. […]


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Volunteering in Bolgatanga, Ghana 06.01.2013-29.03.2013

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